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Resto Rotation wrong ?

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Greetings all,

This is the first time i am playing a resto druid in WoW, i've decided that in this expansion i wanted to play something new and fun, so here i am with a resto druid. I've been playing WoW for years and i've been doing raids for ever with good guilds. Been cleaning all content in H ( now in mythic ) and i've enjoy playing my DK back then but now ... i needed something NEW. Now, tonight was my first night raiding with my Rdruid in Emerald in H with the guild and seems like i don't pull the heal i am suppose to ... Lacking on heals about 150k everyfight , getting OOM so badly @ 35-40 % of boss, trying to find a way to fix this issue. I've seen that icy-veins recommands Int-Haste-Crit-Mastery, but i am not sure about that .. Haste is for fast casting which Rdruid mostly has DOTS .. I was wondering what am i doing wrong... :S 





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Hello Dornbrex,

I'm a resto druid 874. I use the site www.warcraftlogs.com to help me out. Ever since using this site, my HPS have gone up 30 - 50% of what I was doing before. Good luck

This is how the TOP RDRUIDS (ilvl860 - 862) do in Heroic EM 

^^ This is your competition. This is your potential.

1) Learn how to navigate thru the site

2) Check out their talents, gear, time of fights

2) Learn how to upload your own logs and READ your data after raids. It's a lot to take in, but it's worth it. Trust me.

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numbers don't mean that much for healers, but that does not mean you're not doing something wrong :D

Here are some hints

1/ You need to stick to your role. Druids are bad a sniping heals, you can waste a lot of mana trying to do that. Instead druids are a formidable source of steady powerful slow heals.

2/ weither you chose to favor mastery over crit may also change the way you heal. If you favor mastery, you need to assign priority target to healers so you can multihot ppl without another healers healing your targets. If you favor crits, you can safely spread your hots on the whole raid.

3/ You need to time your innervate correctly : at least twice per fight, in a situation where you'll have to spam expensive heals. Captain obvious !

4/ in addition to the raid, you can multi hot one or 2 tanks, you mastery will be profitable here

5/ use flasks

6/ provide combat logs, this is the only way we can spot your wrongdoings

7/ to get the highest heals numbers you must focus on doing one thing (that won't make you the best healer though) : know when the raid will take damage, pre-hot those who most likely will be hit, right after the damage is done, cast Swiftmend IconSwiftmend, it will your next wild growth provided you have taken soul of the forest, cast Wild Growth IconWild Growth then IconEssence of G'Hanir (ASAP), then Flourish IconFlourish.

8/ doing step seven with a prolonged power up, any haste bonus (racials), blodlust or balance druid innervate is even better

9/ When you CDs are down use pre-hot + swiftmend + wild growth. Remove mastery, and increase crit and you can skip the pre hot part.

10/ don't waste clearcast proc

11/ use tranq on a pre hot raid preferably

12/ use a heal interface that shows your hots and their expiration, I use vuhdo, and it displays minibars for each hot in players frames, this is soooo helpful.

Note: pre-hot means pre hot some ppl, you cannot pre hot the whole raid :)

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1. Talents: Cenarion Ward/Cultivation is widely regarded as the better talent spec, you should consider using it over prosperity/soul of the forest. Also Germination is the worst talent for raids, get inner peace or spring blossoms instead.

2. Healing Output: keep lifebloom and cenarion ward rolling on the tank, keep rejuv up on as many players as possible (don't use it on players on full life unless you know that raidwide damage is imminent), make sure to use tranquility at the right time, keep effloresence up in strategic spots 100% of the time (but be carefull when casting it during or before a movement intense phase). Make sure to effectively use Flourish/Essence of G'Hanir (usually it's a good idea to cast them at the same time, flourish first obviously).

3. Mana issues (additional to the tips i gave in 2.): Use regrowth/healing touch very scarcely, the global cooldown and mana are almost always better spent on a rejuv or WG. Don't spam Wild growth on CD, you will run oom very quickly. Learn to conserve your Mana, sometimes phases of high incoming raid damage will be followed by phases of very little incoming damage, meaning you don't need to waste mana on expensive high output spells and can instead slowly heal everyone up using rejuvenation. Last but not least, if you can afford it, get the darkmoon trinket, which is still very good and competitive on long drawn out fights.

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Germinate can be super useful if you're just doing normal or HC raids though, depending on the size of the raid, I found that using germination over inner peace in a 12 man raid worked way better for me. Though if you're doing mythic raiding I most likely wouldn't use Germination and most likely take inner peace, sometimes spring blossoms depending on fights.

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On 12/15/2016 at 11:14 AM, Dornbrex said:

I've seen that icy-veins recommends Int-Haste-Crit-Mastery, but I am not sure about that .. Haste is for fast casting which Rdruid mostly has DOTS .. I was wondering what am I doing wrong... :S 



I see no one addressed this in your post:

Int more spell power... this is self-explanatory

Haste okay I see why you don't understand this one. Restos take this for one fact. The higher your haste is the more your spells "tick". So let's say you have one hot ticking every second for 50k.I think at 20% Hast it will tick twice a second. So you will be outputting 100k a second(2 ticks). I don't know the exact information on how often a HOT ticks but I hope you understand the principle. 

Crit/Mast: if you raiding you want to stack Crit because you want to put one maybe two spells on a person (not including GW)
                 : Then for dungeons you want Mastery because you can stack HOTs on our group.

 I currently have 20% haste; 23% crit; 13 Mastery.



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