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Need desperate help for MM DPS

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Hey guys and gals,

Link to Logs:


I cannot find out no matter how many times why my DPS is so bad and in such a low percentile. I know it has something to do with bad gear but it shouldn't be this low. No matter how much I read and watch videos on nothing makes any sense to me on what is going wrong. Could you guys please assist?

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Realistically for almost all your fights other than Mythic Nythendra you're not really doing too badly. From what I can see you're scoring well over 80% perfection for your ilvl which is actually pretty good. Some fights you're even in the 90s.

Realistically, for your ilvl you're doing really quite well. Some items you have are quite poor for stats but that's just based on RNG. I checked your wowprogress profile and it shows you as only have 29 traits. Getting your 35th trait is a flat 5% dps boost, get on that ASAP. At the moment, a lot of our dps comes from our legendaries, you've got a utility based one that is of no gain to your dps. For the rankings and dps you're getting, all things considered you're doing really well. 

I can see on the mythic fights you really fall down but as always, there's a learning curve and changing of mechanics can be a little frustrating. Especially as MM and not having as much mobility as you used to.

What fights specifically do you feel you're not doing very well on? There's no point in me trying to analyse every single fight but based on your own feelings, where do you feel you fell behind. 

I have two pieces of advice: don't be so hard on yourself, getting above 80% perfection is still really good, especially for a guild that is clearly not trying to be a world first; and secondly, get onto your 35th trait, I know it's a little annoying because the final MM traits are boring and not the most useful, but the 5% damage increase is too much to pass up.

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