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Help with Ret Paladin

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I need help with my character.  In Raids & Battlegrounds my DPS is high.  Some dungeons are good and some aren't so good depending who I'm with.  It appears that some DPS are hitting much higher numbers than Lindorella.  I want to understand what I need to do to get better.


I have set my rotations up according to Icy-Veins.

Hope someone can help.



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Hi :)

Just a quick reply but if you are happy with your rotation then I'd look at moving into haste as your priority. I usually run with about 22% haste and I believe it's still the point to get to before looking at other stats. Link show you're at about 8% and I think this will be your biggest increase. 

If you need help with rotation after that then  ask away :)

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