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I have been struggling with my  single target dps for awhile and its getting frustrated. My Aoe dmg is alright but here is logs from thursday run EN hc

My legendaries are sephuz'secret and norgannon's foresight should i use the feets ?

and here is my armory


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I looked at your logs on Nythendra and Ursoc as these are single target fights and DPS should be high.  Your burst phase is ok but your issue seems to be combustion usage.

You should use combustion whenever its available. As you have kindling talented, combustion should be ready around 1:30 at fight. At this point, you should have combustion, flame on, 1xROP and 2-3 phoenix flames ready. This allows you to do combustion burst again and this should increase your dps in all fights as you have more burst phases going in. 

In Nythendra fight, you used combustion 3 times. As the fight was 4:49, you could have used combustion 4 times (ie.0:00, 1:30, 3:00, 4:30). This is optimal and might vary but this will increase your average DPS quite a lot.

As you have wriggling sinew, you should line it with 1st, 3rd, 5th etc. combustion.

Also add pre-pot Deadly Grace so you can use it later in the fight. Deadly Grace does good amount of damage and should be used always. Prolonged power only in multi target fights (ie. Nightmare dragons).

And Defiled Augment Rune could be used too.

You should SIM/Pawn your gear to find optimal setup for you gear. Norgannon's Foresight have no CRIT so usually wearing these is a DPS loss for a fire mage.

First post (yay!). I'm not a native English speaker so this post might have some typos/grammar mistakes but you should get the idea :). 

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