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Low average Templar's Verdict damage

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Hey guys. I've run into a bit of a problem with my paladin. For some reason my average Templar's Verdict dmg seems really low. I'm talking about just normal hits not crits. Using our latest Xavius fight I averaged according to the logs at 238k while another ret paladin had his average at 376k. Now atm the tooltip says it should do 242,433. A simple test on a training dummy, both raid and dungeon gives an average of about 180-190k with no buffs or cooldowns.


My armory:



My log from the fight:



The other paladin:


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Just found this post - If you want more dps I would recommend that you replace the Chronoshard trinket you currently have on with something else - also stat % wise aim for 28 - 30% crit -  22 - 30% haste - get rid of as much mastery as you can but make sure to maintain the damage boost it does give via judgment use.

Versatility is also pretty strong once you have enough gear. I currently have 8 - 9%.

Also enchant your neck piece with mark of the hidden satyr.

Also for raiding - do not use the divine purpose talent -  use crusade  -  crusade is likely where the damage difference between you and the other paladin's templars verdict is coming from.

If you have any more questions just post a follow up - i'll be sure to check in to answer.


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