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Arcane Mage DPS help (with logs)

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New to DPS in general, long time healer. Picked up arcane with this expansion a week or so ago and I'm struggling with it a bit.

Current items http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/sargeras/Edrilaren/simple

Current Artifact http://puu.sh/sTwj9/917e28de38.jpg

Recent logs (Emerald Normal) https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/yXLBYVW2jMhpxKdr

Was trying a Heroic Xavius today and after the group wiped in phase 2 from not killing adds I ended up with 190k dps for the current fight. Trying to understand what I'm doing wrong if it's something I'm consistently missing. Also, how much is my artifact progress affecting my output?


A specific question I have about the burn phase: After your Arcane Power has completed, are you barraging at the end before evocate while saving all missile stacks for a post-evocate burn along with an Aluneth and rune placement? Or do you not barrage and save your charges for those 3 after evocate?



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I think you really need to use more Nether Tempest and Supernova during conserve phase.

Those are very correct damage spell, and they are very many efficient (and they possibly can proc AM).

I have something like 8-10% damage overall on NT and 3-4% for SuperNova


Personnally I never use Arcane Barrage if I have enough mana for a complete Burn phase. I prefer keeping my quickening stacks after evoc and continue to burst a bit, or prepare the next Burn Phase with full quickening

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Personally i Try not to pop arcane power instantly on pull,

i build 3 charges, place my mark of aluneth, drop a rune, either missiles if i have one or blast, then pop arcane power nether tempest and burn,

i try to prioritise blast during arcane power to  maximise the mana saving available, and use the third charge of missiles .

refresh the nether tempest as needed 

i then continue to burn mana using blasts and missiles saving one charge. when i can no longer cast any more blasts i pop evo and then the instant before my stacks are due to drop off or i hit max mana i use the missile charge.


at this point i do 2 blasts then rune of power and continue to burn quickly down to no mana.


luckily i have the mystic kilt and a do 3-4 conserve phase rounds of using blasts at low charges, missiles accrued at high charges 3-4 and refresh nether tempest before using the barrage


then 40 secs before evocation is due to come of cool down i start  a new burn phase usually with 60-70% mana.

sorry its not the best help to you  with the kilt, but i remember previously i used to burn only half way down after the first evocation, build some stacks, use evo and burn half way down on the next go

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First timer posting, fairly recent to WOW,

Just looking at the Arcane guide, and some limited testing on the blast dummy in our Order Hall, I think that the better opener is to build (or carry) 4 charges, pop rune & arcane power, then burn mark, tempest, nova, missiles (if any) then cycle blast / missiles / tempest until out of mana, evo, rune, repeat until about 50% and then conserve.

When rune come back off cool-down mark should also be back and I can repeat (without the power boost).

Haven't tried in Mythic / M+ yet (not high enough ilvl) but seems to work pretty well in Heroic. 

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For mobility (especially with the loss of Ice Floes), I prefer Incater's Flow to Rune. And I never pop AP without 4 charges, and try to maintain 100% uptime on Tempest. Just my opinion; works well for me, experiment and see what works best for you.

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