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DK Help (once again :P)

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Hello fellow Deathknights


While I have posted a few times already, I thought I'd give it another try, since I am extremely unhappy with my performance. I tend to currently only get 30-45 performances for my ilvl and want to improve, not only since we started clearing EN Mythic (yeah, took us some time :D), but also because I am very self-critical with my performance. 


My current Gear choices:



Sephuz's Secret (Multispec)

Seal of Necrofantasia (Frost)

The Instructor's First Lesson (Unholy)



Memento of Angerboda (870)

Chrono Shard (860)

Ethereal Urn (875 w/ Socket)

Faulty Countermeasure (875)

Eye of Command (860)


My Stats:

Haste: 19,93%

Crit: 25,13%

Vers: 3,31%/1,65%

Mastery: 36,54% (w/ Bufffood)


I also got a variety of different gear pieces, so I can change stats fairly freely.



My character:




https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/15525253/10/  For my character

https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/T3HPFbaRpJZXqjYc/#type=damage-done&boss=-2 Last week's EN HC

https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/VKpF7wR2Ac3QrnaW#boss=-2&wipes=2&type=damage-done  Last week's ToV HC

https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/abN6XqnyYxWPVrTv This week's ToV HC

https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/r4dFaCkKvYJ69mxR#type=damage-done This week's 2 Mythic EN Kills (we have never even entered EN Mythic before, so these performances are still quite shaky)


I feel like I'm playing the rotation mostly correctly and my talent choice should also be fine. I even simmed my character and adapted the gear accordingly. Some points where I think my underperforming could come from:


- Legendaries boosting ilvl: My legendaries are fairly subpar, especially considering I only got one proper DPS Legendary per Spec

- Wrong/non-ideal stats?


I would appreciate any help or advice, as simple as it might be. Anythings that you find would be worth looking at, as I look to improve. I usually tend to see anything under 60th percentile as a failure for myself, which is why I'm trying to improve right now. I also considered potentially swapping over to Unholy, as I prefer the playstyle for bosses and got the bracers.


Thank you in advance!



Àtrocity - Thrall



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You're already using the best trinkets, probably best legendaries. I'm sure unholy could prove better with the legendaries you have but with that said it's probably not worth swapping over. I'll look at you logs in a little bit.


Alright so after a quick look, main problems I'm seeing is potion of the old war i'm still almost 100% certain prolonged is better. You didn't get your first application of icy talons until around 15-20 seconds into the fight which seems weird. Putting you at 94% uptime I'm sure you could get close to 97. I'm not sure if you were flasked. You had a couple rime procs expire but they look like they were expiring during obliteration which would make logical sense to ignore then. With that said there was like 1 or 2 that expired outside of obliteration. You could have had up time on your frozen pulse for sure. I wanna say only about rough estimate of 80% of the fight you had frozen pulse ticking so gotta stay below 2 runes. You could also be casting remorseless winter much more often you had 0 casts of it, it's a dps boost even on single target. 

Those are all the errors I found, with that said i could comment on you being a little unlock just per instance only 10% crits on howling blast but that doesn't mean much, there is still errors that could be corrected.

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Thanks for the quick response! The logs you are referring to are a bit older, which is my fault since I used an old post and just changed some things. Potionwise, I use Prolonged in about 90% of the fights anyway, although I actually thought Old War would be better on Fights like Ursoc HC or Guarm. I can explain the late Icy Talons application by admitting that I don't really know how to ideally start a fight (although I think it's gotten better lately).


If you feel like checking out another log, I'd recommend checking Guarm HC from this week. I felt like I did well on that fight but still got a very meager performance by Ilvl.

I am overall performing fairly well in my guild, I'm just mindboggled over my low ilvl performance, as I consider myself a decent player all in all.


Thanks for taking the time, and let me know if anything else comes to mind.




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guarm is a hard fight to look over just be kill times impact is hugely if you kill it 1 charge faster than another it'll be completely different in terms of dps anywhere form 10-30k also mess with up times on icy talons frozen pulse etc. Ideal opener to me is HB>OB>obliteration>FS>OB>FS>OB>FS>OB until obliteration ends then spam as many OBs can you can to get below 2 to start activating FP. continue rotation as normal

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Thanks you! I usually started off by spending all my runes, then stacking up Icy Talons and then entering obliteration. Yours definitely sounds better :D I have also read a lot about Top end DK's mostly running 30% Haste, which I currently can't do with my gear. Is it something I should be aiming for?

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