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Sin stat weight contradictions?

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Wondering if other people are seeing conflicting recommendations on stat weights for Sin?  I'm running the Agonizing Poison build and have been comparing numbers from a few sources, with a lot of conflicting info. Here is what I'm currently seeing:

Simcraft sim
Agility -1.0
Vers - 0.91
Mast - 0.84
Crit - 0.78
Haste - 0.54

AMR sim
Agi - 13.61
Mast - 10.16
Crit - 9.41 
Vers - 7.96
Haste - 4.93

Vers - 1.04
Agility - 1.0
Crit - 0.911
Mast - 0.616 
Haste - 0.471

Now, I understand that sims will vary as they are build around different variables etc., but, the variance shouldn't be anything too far from one another.  And the above values seem pretty varied.  On top of this, looking at players such as Perfecto show him running a mix of mastery and versatility chants/gems, which doesn't help clear it up any.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?  Suggestions on which sim people are relying most on?

Cheers and thx!

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