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what am i doing wrong?

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I recently leveled a druid to have some heals again (I've been playing melee DPS all my life) and leveled her basically from 20-88 as resto in dungeons and finished as boom due to low dungeon XP rate. I had NEVER had any issues with mana... the only times were when something unusual happened. But for 95% of time, we would pull huge groups and I would stay above 75% mana roughly... never even carrying food or water. When I hit 90 I made many items on my other toons for my druid to gear fast with and heroics are still extremely easy, pulling huge groups with little to no mana usage, but when I raid in MSV, I tend to go OOM within 4ish minutes... I have used innervate and potions on every cool down but still I lose it quick... in 5 mans I usually just apply HoTs and spot heal with regrowth as needed... in raids I just apply rejuve, and lifebloom(3) to MT and then rejuve anyone who got hit. when I have mana, I tend to be around 2-4 in the pack of 6 healers with around 24-30k HPS but then I lose mana and I start dropping, usually ending 5th or 6th. Every druid I have seen while raiding on any of my toons, they all seem to top charts and still be close to full on mana... any suggestions on what I'm doing wrong? Or is that just how it is till I get more gear for more spirit? Also what should be the lvl of spirit I'm aiming for? my armory link:

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Well the numbers change dramatically at level 90. For example as a level 50 tank I could pretty much solo many instances, with the healer just jumping around. This is to make leveling more fast paced and so that players can enjoy it a little more, without worries and also giving super-casuals a chance to log in and have some fun.

When you reach level 90 everything revolves around getting your stats in decent order and using the right spells at the right time. Stat priority is basically: Int > Spirit (until you're not oom) > Haste (soft cap) > Mastery.

You have the MsV entry gear around 466 iLvl, so gear shouldn't be a major issue but it does make things easier.

You don't mention Wild Growth and Swiftmend in your rotation? AoE situations are basically Wild Growth+Rejuv and then Swiftmend. You might be ooming because you're not utilizing the group healing of WG and Swiftmending Rejuvs. That way nearby allies get your heals and you don't have to spam as much. Timing your cooldowns correctly is also a big factor.

One way is to have an addon like Recount and check healing done. You can then see what spells you are using the most and check what spells other druids in the raid are using. That way you can compare playstyle and maybe adapt. Same goes with checking overhealing and mana gained from recount. That gives you and idea how you're getting mana back and how other druids are gaining mana back. How much are you overhealing and how much are they overhealing?

If you are high on overhealing but low on healing done you're not prioritizing correctly.

Just a few pointers that come to my mind. Good luck with everything!

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I didn't think about using recount in that way >.< like I said im so used to melee but I usually would only tend to use swiftmend when someone was below ~50%, but ill use that more often and same with WG and do a raid today check it out, thanks :)

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You might need to be a little careful with throwing around rejuvs. At low ilvls the spell isn't that cheap.

Be sure to use your clearcasting procs on regrowth. It's a great spell, especially when it's free ;)

When raiding, think of Swiftmend as an AoE heal. Sure it heals the one you cast it on, but it heals they guys standing in the Efflorescence effect for a lot more. Targeting melee dps'es is often a great way to use this spell. Or otherwise on people who are stacked.

Just don't use it on the tanks, usually they are too far away for any other players to get hit.

Krakir's post is excellent try to do as he suggest.

And good luck, mate. Resto healing is great fun :)

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well good news, I did 2nd half of msv lfr today, and on first boss (spirit kings) and did lot better, I was 3rd in ranking of healing, 27k hps, and a low third in over healing with 11%... and didn't OOM once... I think I finished with about 20% and innervate like 30 secs away, you guys really helped lot, I feel its lot more manageable now... thanks a ton!

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You're very welcome :)

I'm somewhat impressed with that low of an overhealing percentage. I'm usually quite a bit higher, both in lfr and in ten-mans. Of course some of that might be gear, but still; very well done.

Keep on going at it :)

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Also, sitting at 20% mana with innervate coming up, means you can afford to spam a little more even. So your definitely on the right track. Well done!

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yea but now comes finding the right mix of spam and saving >.< and I think my percent was skewed due to a shammy who was gear in what looked like BiS gear, and trying to one heal lol and bragging about it >.< he had roughly 60% overheal lol

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LFR is LFR, but it is a 25 man raid, so one of your best tools in that situation is your mushrooms. Plant them around the melee and ranged clusters and then let them grow while you overheal with Rejuvenation. Then when one of the Stone Guard dogs overloads, make them bloom, follow up with Tranquility and jump to #1 on the meter instantly.

On the occasion that I did heal, I always used Swiftmend on cooldown, even if no one seemed to need it, because it's the easiest and cheapest way to keep up your Mastery buff for better throughput with your HoTs.

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