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Warlock question.

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Hi warlock friends, long time reader first time poster here.

So I've been working my way with this new guild through Throne of Thunder for a while now and we are currently 9/13 heroic. I feel like am always at the bottom of the meters and I have a feeling its based on the spec that I am currently playing. My armory is: http://us.battle.net...ge/Yarv/simple. I'm very comfortable playing all specs for all the encounters, I am currently specced affliction (dropping destruction as I had a feeling it was holding me back.) My item level is currently 537 and I was wondering what spec I should play to do the most damage that I can. I have done simcraft on all specs, but I am not exactly sure how to make it run the rotations for every spec. Thanks for helping me out guys if you can.

Thanks so much,

Yarv the warlock.

Edit: apparently the order of max dps should be demo,affliction, destruction according to my simcraft...

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Every spec can do competitive DPS AND can top the meters any damn day , Affliction isn't the problem really.

your gems seem to be alright , have you tried simming your dps?

also if you plan on using affliction don't use lei shen (502) , get anything else really.

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If UVLS is your best option, use it as aff, but it is a MUST as demo, it truly does change everything about how you play demo. Breath + Wush is your safe bet as Aff. As far as gemming ,you have a lot more INT gems than most other locks of your Ilvl. At that ilvl, you get more out of gemming for secondary than you do INT, may wanna check that out. If you could post logs, we could see if maybe it's just rotation, catching UVLS procs, duration of dots, refreshing with sizeable buffs, using DS on cooldown, etc.

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I was lucky enough to get the Raid Finder trinket off of Lei Shen and have not seen UVLS in normal mode since. We haven't killed lei shen heroic just yet. (trust me its the first thing that I want to replace) I seemed to play better in affliction last night then in destruction which I assumed was a bit obvious. I have not gotten wooshley's yet, I guess I'm just unlucky, I do have the normal mode animus trinket in my bags, but ever since I got UVLS, I haven't really been using it.

@jenaye: do i really have alot of int gems for my item level? I always felt that stats like int were very strong, but I guess the scaling slows down the higher my item level?


Above are logs from yesterday just some notes:

Horridon: Horridon was a disaster for my opener as I know I made some mistakes and then felt like I tunneled the boss a bit more than normal to pad meters.

Council: I switched to Affliction because I have problems with keeping UVLS doom on all 4 targets. I felt alot better playing Affliction and just dotting everything there. I didn't really pay attention in the beginning to when I had UVLS up to refresh as I wanted all my dots rolling early. I died early in that fight but I peaked at 223k on meters with hero and buffs. (Not sure whether it was lack of healing or bad play on my part.)

Tortos: Went Demo and was using guldan on bats while mostly on turtles.

Megera: First time ever killing that fight so I was a bit messy learning their strategy.

Ji-kun: Went affliction and never saw the boss die that fast in my entire life. Flew and got the buff once (I could have gotten it again) We went to the first 3 nests for everyone to get the buff and just burned Kun from there.

Durumu: Went Demo for the Ice walls, thought I played pretty well on that fight (you guys may say otherwise)

Primordius: Originally when we first tried it, I assumed Destruction was the way to go with Mannoroth's Fury and stay on adds the whole time while spamming chaos bolt cleaves at boss and horror blob. I went affliction this time and dotted everything I could with burn swap and soul drained low adds for my shards back to repeat the process.

Thanks for your thoughts,


P.S. The fel imp is a lier.

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