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Frost DK Trinket Help!

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I have 28.85% CRIT and 20.43% Haste and 3.42%/1.71% Versatility.

I have [865] Unstable Horrorslime with 986 Crit and [840] Nightborne Defender's Badge +1,123 STR, +898 Crit and a Socket. I have just received [870] Nature's Call +334 Crit, +334 Haste, +334 Mastery.

Should I replace any of the trinkets? And if so, which one do I replace for Nature's Call?

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On 19/12/2016 at 7:28 PM, Drtain said:

Replace unstable slime with nature's call. Unstable slime is a ranged dps trinket.

Hey thanks for the answer. Although I have just gotten another trinket, so please tell me again if I should replace anything.

[860] Fearless Gladiator's Badge of Victory,+1353 STR, USE: Increases VERS by 2321 for 20 sec, 1min CD. (PVP Trink)

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Hi Bio,


I would agree with this, natures call unfortunately turns out to be a rather lackluster trinket.


On this topic if it is okay to weigh in, I have a similar question of my own:

I've finally gotten an Eye of Command at 875 and it sims surprisingly lower than what I've been using. I feel it has to be just simming incorrectly, as this as I have read is one of the best trinkets for Frost.

I have the following worth mentioning:

875 Eye of Command

850 Haste/Str stat stick WQ trinket

845 Faulty Countermeasure

The 850/845 sim higher, though I've now been running EoC/haste stat stick. Anyone have any thoughts on that? Is it possible the EoC is just simming incorrectly?

Stats - 25% crit, 18% haste (looking for 20 :( ) and 37% mastery



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Perhaps the sim isnt waiting for your eye of command stacks to build up before going into its pre-set opener, which includes your biggest cooldowns. So in theory, you have more crit strike with the countermeasure when Sindragosa goes off. 

On a side note the Countermeasure's use ability scales with mastery, which you have a decent amount. It accounts for around 5% of damage for me and I have 29% mastery.  That can be checked on your sim. I believe the damage effect is called "brittle" something.

Also, buffing crit strike with the stats you have might not take advantage of it as much as you think. With 10 stacks your crit is what? 30%?

Obliterate already crits quite a bit with killing machine and therefore accounts for most of your icecap benefits aleady.

Perhaps try simming with Avalanche instead?

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Your best will be eye of command, and Strength/haste i'm almost positive. (Eye of command no contest 100%, sim crafts are messed up and doesn't stack the crit up on the trinket properly. I believe) @tnich55

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