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Understanding Unholy

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Hello all!

Recently I have dug out my trusty dk for this addon and I'd like to ask a few questions regarding unholy, since i have somewhat of an issue with the details of the rotation. Unfortunately, i can not provide logs for you to have a look at because our designated logging raidmember seems to have problems with the software. But I think I can explain sufficiently enought for you to understand what I mean.

Anyways, on to the real topic.

1. From what I have read, Virulent Plague does not have a pandemic effect right? So I'm doing right on refreshing it on the last possible moment, which for me is usually .5 seconds before it expires.

2. I seem to have issues with overcapping RM, and I don't even have the third golden trait yet. It feels like I can't possibly fit enough Death Coils in my rotation without clipping Runic Corruption too much. Is it worth monitoring the buff and trying to make sure not to clip it or should i just spam Death Coils until I'm out of RM?

3. Managing Wounds. Currently, I'm usually going FS when I'm <= 3 wounds on target and SS when I have 4-8, back down to <=3, etc. Exception is, when Apoc is about to come up (which I usually line up with Souleater). For that I make sure to have 7+ wounds, even though I might lose a few by doing another FS on 4+ stacks. Is this the right way to go or is there a better way to manage this mechanic? Mind, that I do not yet have any of the dps boosting legendaries available.

4. Opening sequence. Usually looks like this: 

  • 5 sec before pull: cast Army, use pot 1 sec before pull
  • at pull: cast Gargoyle, cast Outbreak, cast Dark Transformation
  • get up to 8 stacks of wounds
  • cast Souleater + Apoc
  • continue with normal rotation

Is there a better way? I feel the prepot is somewhat wasted because I'm using a lot of GCDs for spells, that don't really hit at all. Should I delay Transformation and Gargoyle for when the pot has run out or is pet dmg part of the effect of the pot?

For reference, here is the link to my armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/onyxia/Norenaia/simple

I'd like to thank you for your help, and have a nice day!

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Refreshing dot is good as low as possible is good. By RM I assume your mean RP as in runic power, doesn't really matter you will have a lot of time where you are capped, which this said you should try to not have it be capped but it's pretty hard to do especially once you get the bracers. With this said you should aim for getting scourge of the world procs as a the main purpose of DCing, doesn't matter about runic corruption over clipping it or what ever doesn't matter, can't remember if i am correct or not but I believe if you get a second proc it can go to a max duration fo 4.5 seconds either way. Managing runes/wounds is something that comes with playing more, but generally speaking you wanna be focusing on getting 6-8 wounds, then Dcing to get scourge of the worlds, then SSing until scourge of the worlds falls off or you run out of wounds. With that said there are exceptions to when you should just SS or FS (depending on wounds of course pick which is more optimal) If you have 3 runes DCing is good, but if you have 4 runes or are about to have 4 or more ignoring runic power and SS/FS will yield a better damage over all, even without scourge of the worlds. 

Opener for me goes Army at 5 (only if i am going to have lust on pull, other wise save until lust) under 1.5 seconds I cast dark transformation, 1 second I prolonged power (it's better than old war 100%), 0.1 seconds I cast plague onto boss, gargoyle as I run to boss. As I get into contact with boss FS>FS>(if at 7 or 8 runes)> Soul reaper> Apoc>FS>DC>SS>FS>SS into normal rotation. if you have legendary shoulders or aquire them this changes. In which you should delay DT until you use Apoc.


https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/9GkMV6hLfcZFzPx7#fight=12&type=resources&source=18&spell=106 In terms of runic power you can check out this as you can see I wasted approx 170ish runic power.

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So you use gargoyle before getting the SR's haste buff? I wanna know if snapshotting is gone from unholy and if you can provide me with a trustable source where blizzard points that out. Thank you

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