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Returning Frost DK - Would appreciate outsiders perspective

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I've recently returned to WoW, and decided upon Frost DK as a main this expansion. I don't really have much experience with the class in the past, but over the past few weeks I've been doing extensive research on optimal rotations, theorycrafting, and overall optimization of gameplay.

I think I have a decent handle of the class thus far, but I would really appreciate a fresh set of eyes checking over my logs, gear, and anything else that I could improve on as I begin to approach higher IL's. Thank you to all who take the time to review this!


Armory - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/stormrage/Tsoac/advanced (I have no idea why the armory shows everyone's haste so high, but my actual stats are 21% crit, 23% haste, and 23% mastery. 5% is allocated to versatility. 

Talents - The talents displayed on the armory are the ones I use for everything (Icy, Frozen Pulse, Icecap, Abom Might, Perma, Runic, and Obliteration).

Important gear - I only have one legendary which is the bracers, and three trinkets that could potentially drastically change my build/rotation. Memento of Angerboda (Mythic 6), Eye of Command (870 Mythic Warforged), and Nightmare Egg Shell (840).

Log - I apologize for the one log, as I have been primarily running mythic+. I just joined a quick LFR to check my damage on the first boss - https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/ftvwC394zL2FQ7Tj#fight=1 (Nythendra is the boss I intended to log for. Please ignore Il'gynoth, as I had no idea what I was doing and was smacking the eye for like 2k DPS lol...) 

Consumables - Defiled Augment RuneFlask of the Countless Armies (In the fight above I had this pot for the first 2 minutes of the fight, and didn't have anymore to reapply... oops), and Potion of Prolonged Power. I usually use the fish that shoots the popper things, but I didn't use it for this fight.

Personal insight from fight - This was the first time I ever did the fight, so I probably did some mechanics wrong, but I think the overall damage was solid. I despise Ring of Collapsing Futures with a passion, and I know I can TECHNICALLY use it every 15 seconds, but I don't like the idea of a ring basically telling me to F' off in the middle of a fight if I "get too greedy". I don't currently have enough keybindings on my mouse to assign a unique key to the ring, so I just have it bound with my pillar of frost and I'll live with the slight DPS loss at the sake of not letting a ring decide how it wants to play (at least until I get a new mouse). Hero was used on the boss, and I mainly stuck on Nythendra a majority of the fight with a few seconds every so often not standing in bleck. 

What I would appreciate - Just any suggestions on my current rotation, uptime of buffs, waste of procs, etc. Any suggestions on what stats I should currently be focusing on increasing/decreasing would also be much appreciated. If any additional screenshots or information is needed just let me know, and I will post them as soon as I can!

Like I said I've been doing a lot of research using Icyveins, Simcraft, AskMrRobot, Discord, Reddit, etc to try to optimize everything as much as possible, but it's always good to have more experienced members check over everything. I'm also at artifact knowledge 4, and 18 traits purchased. Golden dragon first, cold as ice, mirror ball, and I am currently 3/4 in Ambidexterity and I plan to finish that, and then get golden jaw frost fever thing trait. I'm researching everything as soon as it's available, but like I said I only have 3 days /played so I'm a bit behind :P


Sorry for the long post, and thank you for taking the time to review everything!



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Trinkets are good to go keep those for now. Talents are good too, potions flasks etc fine. Screw ringed of the collapsing futures I also have it xd, it's optimally used by using it at 0 and 1 stacks but not 2 stacks which is super annoying etc. Looking at your logs, you're doing fine with dot uptime little low 97.5 could be 99.99, but nothing huge, similar story with icy talons. 96.68 could be 97 98 etc but nothing huge again. Worrying points would be delayed use of your first pillar of frost, it wasn't cast until 10ish seconds or so into the fight. Similar story with obliteration only in this case you didn't cast it until about a minute or so into the fight, and on neither your first or second cast of it did it line up with pillar of frost probably losing you about 40kish per ability cast. Frozen pulse very good you probably had 95ish percent uptime on it which is very good could be slightly better again but nothing huge. Runic power nothing super impact i can mention here pretty good over all, should mention you ended the fight with like 90 runic, which if the boss is going to die I believe (and you have pillar of frost of which in this case you did) you should try and prioritize casting Frost strike over obliterate because of your bracers. 

TLDR minute changes that could be made mainly impactful things where CDs not being cast at the start of the fight which led to you missing 1 obliteration and possibly 1 pillar of frost. Everything else was pretty good.


If you have any other questions feel free to ask me I'm always around etc more than willing to help out new coming DKs. I will be honest and say that your logs are pretty good with everything and pretty impressive again just work on getting those casts up on your Obliteration and PoF

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Thank you! The pillar of frost being used 10 seconds late was me spending a few seconds scrambling to the boss after the tank YOLOed him without me paying attention... >.> I'll continue to work on everything else though. Thank you for your time.

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