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The Holy of Unholy's!

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I will be playing Blood ‘95%’ of the time, but decided that when I have to dps I will use Unholy instead of Frost.

I have read guides here, on wowhead and watched a few Utubes.

I am left with a few questions if anyone is able to spare a few moments to help.

I will not be spending hardly any if at all, AP on Unholy until catch-up is live.


Gargoyle, Transformation & AotD benefit from haste and other stat procs/pots/heroism when?

Or more to the point, if I cast AotD and Gargoyle after Heroism is used, do they benefit?

And is AotD ‘used 8 secs before the pull’ because of pre potting? And if so if I do not intend to pre pot can I save AotD until after the pull?


In Mythic dungeons with multi pack mobs to kill do I apply VP via Outbreak to mobs that are not close enough to be affected by miasma? And if so what do I do about those lost runes as I swing into the rotation needing them to SS/FS on the mobs that are packed together?


Am I right in saying the rotation is not button mashing, but timing?


DC is our ‘filler’?


I recall reading a long time ago Hunters macro pet attacks into their spells, is this done with our Belcher pet?

I have seen the keybind place spell so you move your unholy loved one to a good cleave spot. But do you add peattacks to your spells?


Say we use AotD Garg & DT on the first pack in a Mythic+ is that basically our AOE burst done with until these come back off CD? So 2nd pack rotation would look like VP/FS*/SS/DnD/DC etc until Reaper and DT come back.


I had a few more but my brain is fried, I will add to thread later.

Cheers for reading and I hope you full time Unholy’ s get a wonderful boost in patch!


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Gargoyle, army, and your pet change with you, as soon as you get the haste they also change. Army 5 seconds before pull, DT 1second before pull, prepot 1 second before pull first global cd cast dot then gargoyle then into rotation as normal. With this said if you aren't going to use lust on pull do not ATOD on pull.

If you read my m+ guide in the forums it's stickied up there it goes over a lot of things that will help you counteract losing runes because of aoe wounds + PP = lots of runes. But just continue rotation as normal basically not much you can do about it, if 1 more doesn't have your dot don't worry about it.

Unholy is mostly about planning making sure you have runes/wounds for soul reaper and Apoc.

Within reason it could be considered a filler, but with that said I can't leave it as a filler. Basically in ST if you have 6-8 wounds, and you have 3 or less runes up currently, DC until you get scourge of the worlds or have more than 3 runes up if you have more than 3 runes up or just about to have more than 3 use SS regardless of scourge of the worlds is on the target.

I don't really use any macros of the such I do move my pet to ideal spots for cleaving though.

save AOTD for bosses, and when ever you are going to use heroism/lust. Other abilities/cds use them as you please just try and have them up before boss.

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