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Frost dk dps help

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Would appreciate a lot, if any other experienced dks would give any tips and check the logs. Always trying to improve :D



Stats are: 25.60% crit, 20% haste, 37% mastery and 6% versatility.


https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/TxbQ8hCzWmZcLdMg - Latest

https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/187733 - logs from this month


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Alright so after looking at your logs, I notice you don't have a 100% uptime on dot while it's 98% and pretty high on a fight that is considered a dps check or what ever you wanna call it is probably worth getting closer to 100%. Icy talon up time isn't as high as it could be, I understand he charges ect, but if you FS him right before he jumps, and have 50 runic after you can manage to keep it up even during the charges if you FS as he runs past (if you have the FS increased by 8 yards this becomes much easier), it's hard but just something to mention. But regardless of that you let icy talons fall off once when he wasn't charging. There was a couple times where you had more than 2 runes up so frozen pulse wasn't ticking. And these times weren't during a charge. So those could be improved upon.

Other than those things there really wasn't much. If you can fix your Icytalons and try and get it 99% it'd be super pro and probably increase your dps by 5-10kish.

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Yeah that dot, will try to get it closer to 100%, should not be hard. Icy talons is a bit tricky, gonna try to focus more on that and try to keep it from dropping during charge, will be difficult though. Frozen pulse hard to say really, i always try to keep runes on cd. I do use empower rune weapon if i'm rune starved and especially if there is KM proc on, so there i might lose couple ticks on frozen pulse.

Thanks a lot for your help and will try to improve according to those.

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