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Questions about how good i perform as firemage

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Hi Icy Veins,

first of all I have to tell you, that I come from Germany and because of that my english is not the best. So I want to say sorry for all the mistakes I will surely make and hope you cann understand and help my nevertheless.

I am member of a guild that is not a raid-only guild and not really progress orientated. Nevertheless since the release of TOT we launched a new 10 man raid within our guild, recruited 2 or 3 new players and finally had a raid whos members wanted to take raiding more seriously than we did before. When ToT was released we had a period where we could not raid as often as we wanted and because of that we didnt perform well, some raidmembers could not attend because of job, family.... But 3 months ago we were able to start ToT progress with the full team and in a relativ short period of time we were able to clear ToT normal and are now starting HC progress.

Now I wonder, if my dps is really good enough for hc progress when I how other firemages are able to perform for example if I check Raidbots or similar sources.

My Gear lvl is now 534 and I think I know what do do about rotation, enchants, gems etc. I play my mage since early BC, before I played a hunter. From early vanilla to the end of WOTLK I was in 2 different real raidguilds who performed very well compared to others. But in these days I played a lot more than today, because I was at university then and had a lot more time for WOW than today, when I have family and my own business. Additionally I didnt play WOW from the end of WOTLK to the beginning of MOP, simply said I did not play whole Cata addon. So I had to learn many new things and I realisied that I have to practice a lot again to perform as fast and efficient as before.

I read every guide I found, and asked every good player I could get but I feel my DPS is too low for my gear.

For example I do around 200k dps on Jinrokh normal, Burstdmg is about 350-400k when the first puddle appears but it drops down a lot. I think the burst is ok, but the allover dmg lets me think I make mistakes.

Last night we killed Leishen normal and I started with 450k dps at the pull ( Altertime active, all Trinkets too, pre pot etc) what I think is really ok, but at the end of the fight Recount told me 150k dps allover. Within my raid I am always top 3 DD, but compared to other players from other guilds I suck. For example I am most times not able to beat our shdowpriest who hast a similar gear. No matter what fight it is.

So my question for you is, if you could first of all check my char, gear, enchants etc and tonight I will log our ToT normal raid and post you the log and also my UI, Keybindings etc.

Perhaps you can give my some ( hopefully many ^^ ) tips how to perform better

my armory:


logs etc follow

Thanks a lot guys and again sorry for my english :P

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Welcome Rezzo! Once you get some logs posted we can hopefully give you a little more feedback. As far as your gear goes all of the enchants and gems look correct but I would make the following reforges:

Posted Image

Optimized at www.Askmrrobot.com

That should raise your crit by .72%, get you exactly hit capped at 15.00%, and get you over the 5036 haste softcap.

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