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Hoo boy. Where to start with this one. Well I guess I'll make it the opener and we'll work our way from there. I will also be reffering to "you" in the sense that your friend is reading this himself, as I didn't notice until about halfway through this reply that I had started doing that and do not wish to read through and change it all.


For starters he wasted a lot of Combust time hitting that time warp. Time Warp is off the GCD, as well as the fire blast that followed it, so there's no reason to have a full second of your meager 10 seconds of combust wasted just doing nothing. Then there's my issue with a double tap Fire Blast to proc a hot streak after rune and Combust are already down. He should have that Hot Streak ready to go BEFORE you drop rune/hit combust, not after. The usual opener for me is to precast a Pyro and follow that with a PF(Pheonix Flame). If that triggers Hot Streak, drop a rune, hit combust as the rune finishes casting, then Pyro>FB(Fire Blast)>Pyro>FB>Pyro>Flame On>FB>Pyro>FB>Pyro>PF>Pyro. If you don't have the PF charges(such as in later Combust phases) weave in scorch to proc Pyros in place of the FB/PF, as it has a much quicker cast time and hits instantly, allowing you to follow with a Pyro without waiting for flight time. Also that Dragons Breath. Do not push that button unless you have the legendary for single target or do not have enough time in a combust to do anything else.


Going further through the logs I noticed a lot of Living Bomb casts, and as this is a Xavius fight, I doubt there were all that many targets getting hit by it, especially early in the fight. Living Bomb is not a single target dps increase. Nor a 2 target increase. Or 3. It takes 4 targets staying on top of one another for the spread and subsequent explosions for it to be worth pressing. Drop that from your rotation unless there's a decent number of adds that will stay stacked and survive the whole 6 seconds for the secondary explosion. For single target you want to focus on proccing those pyros.


Then we work our way to cancel casts, only to reattempt that cast shortly after. You're specced into Icy Floes. Press it. Put it on an easy key to use and hit it. If you're worried you may have to move curing a cast, hit it before you start casting. Are you mid cast and realize you're going to die if you continue standing there? Hit Icy Floes and walk away with no dps loss. Or shimmer. Neither of these will interrupt casting and will move you out of the danger zone. I highly recommend a Weakaura showing you how many charges of both of these you have available.

Next we work our way to gearing. I know that's the reason you were in the posted LFR, to get more and better, but currently I really don't like what I see in itemization. There's crafted gloves that are haste/mastery, and you get to choose which secondary stats you buy when getting crafted (unless you made them and only had mats for one set, but then ignore this gripe), the Naglfar trinket is pretty meh, I know it has all that juicy crit, but replace that ASAP as the on use is pretty bad. I will have to ask you to hand over the Arcanocrystal though, I need it for...testing purposes. Yeah.  Anyways, with 7.1.5 around the corner itemization is supposed to become a bit more relaxed, but at the moment crit, crit, crit. Find everything you can with crit, even if it means dropping a few ilvls. But keep the higher ilvl stuff in bags just in case.

And now we look at artifact talents. And why, oh why, did you go after Aftershocks first? The other gold traits at this point in time are insanely strong compared to it, unless you just really like AoE farming world mobs that you can constantly stack 20+ of and Flamestrike. Get yourself to Pyretic Incantation as soon as you can, then get Pheonix Reborn. 

Finally, please, enchant and socket that neck, I know it's not the greatest legendary, but you'e going to be using it for a very long time unless the RNG god smile upon you and bestow back to back legendaries. Hidden Satyr and a Crit gem. Don't be cheap, that thing is gonna be around your throat for a while. I'd also say get some cheapo enchants for your rings and cloak until you get some higher end ones, every bit helps.

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