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Help with Affliction

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Hello fellow dark magic using locks. So i have a few questions since I am trying to play a spec I personally love in Affliction and wanna try to have some "Successful" fun. 

1. I know Mastery is primary stat - How much do I want?

2. What are the ideal Crit / Haste percents I wanna strive for?

3. Soul Conduit or Soul Effigy?

4. What the best way to hammer on 3+ mobs with Seed?

Thanks all - any input is appreciated

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For live:
120-125% mastery or more 

20% ish haste for healthy shard procs and 15% or so crit

SE for single target raid bosses -- SC for dungeons

Spec contagion, spread corruption and refresh it with SoC (Sow of the seeds) keep UA on mobs (3~5 mobs) along with Agony don't spam SoC unless its a huge pack of trash (6-7+).

If MG goes live as the version on the PTR (80% increased damage) you wana go for a haste build with contagion and SC for single target.

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1 hour ago, Dreadshyn said:

When you say MG what do  you mean? Im trying to not sound completely noobish just dont know what you meant.

Malefic Grasp, It used to be an old talent but got removed for WoD I think it was. 

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Should always stack mastery if you can, there is no percent you're aiming for. Especially with NH coming out, mastery beats everything when it comes to multiple targets.

Again, there's no set % you should be striving for. You'll generally always have a pretty even loadout with various crit and haste pieces. It's rare that you would have all mastery/crit or mastery/haste pieces.

Soul Effigy, but that will change in 7.1.5 if the current changes make it to live, so don't worry about it too much.

Seed (this will apply corruption to all of them) + Agony + siphon, keep these up on all 3. Throw a UA up if you're shard capped.

Aff requires a high skill cap to master, don't be discouraged if you feel like you suck at first, practice makes perfect.

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