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help assasination rogue dps

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The biggest problem I can see is not your performance (opener rotation is fine), but rather your gear.

You have incredibly low crit chance, sitting at only 28%.  - Should be somewhere in the range of 40%-43% ish
Crit is so very important for assassination rogues due to Seal FateSeal Fate.

Looking through your logs you need to perform 3-4 Mutilates to reach 6cp. 
Having to do this many mutilates before able to cast a reasonable finisher will vastly lower your Elaborate PlanningElaborate Planning uptime.
This is only asserted by your 55% uptime of it, losing out on the buff for roughly half the fight.

Another consequence of spending so much time building combo points is your ability to refresh our ever so vital Rupture debuff in time.
There should be next to no downtime of Rupture on any given fight (some are excused), especially not on Guarm. 

As I see it, you are better off choosing Master PoisonerMaster Poisoner as your lvl 15 talent instead of EP, both due to your very high mastery and low crit.

Try to replace some of your haste with more crit, as haste is not really doing anything that good for assassination rogues.



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