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need help to improve dps

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On 12/20/2016 at 3:44 AM, Wintercurse said:

need help on my dps, idk what im doing wrong, i did my oponer good but my dps is low and my ranking on warcraftlogs is low too. need help or tips to improve.

here my log on guarm hero:

my armor:

So the biggest thing is that you have almost no Crit. 27% is very low, you should lose some Mastery and Haste to pick up more Crit and Vers.

Second, when you do that, you should run Elaborate Planning as your Tier 1 talent.

From a gameplay perspective, until you get more Crit, all you can really work on is getting that Rupture towards 100% uptime and pooling Energy / CPs to prep for a Kingsbane use. You want to try and keep Envenom up as much as possible in that window to boost its damage through poison applications

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