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I discovered something today that I didn't even know was possible and was all by accident. So it got me to thinking there are probably tons more that we could share with each other, and with the influx of new people every day a good forum tips and tricks thread might be a good idea.

Feel free to list any tips and tricks you have found along the way and I'll keep the main post updated. Once we get a few of them I'll start categorizing them and grouping them up into an eligible format.

Tips and Tricks

  • Want to mark an entire board as read? Click on the icon next to the board and all posts within that board will be marked as read.
  • Want to mark the entire forum as read? Click on the top grey wording "Mark Community Read" and in the drop down menu will be an option "Mark all as read"
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And don't forget the "Wowhead" and "Diablo 3" buttons, to add World of Warcraft and Diablo 3 tooltips ;)

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