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need help with DPS

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You have a really low Rain of Fire and Immolate uptime.

Plus, you should go for Mastery > haste > Crit reforge, is in the overrall, the better reforge to ToT 'cause the adds fights.

I think you should read more about warlock Destro at Zagam's guide fixed in this forum, maybe you are using wrong some spells like Dark Soul and Chaos Bolt.

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As our friend here has said, your Rain of Fire should have near 100% uptime (the only time you don't want to use it is if the boss won't be in it the whole time). Also, a large part could be mismanaging your embers. You want to go into Dark Soul with close to four embers to maximize the number you can get off with the monster crit buff. Outside of that, you're going to have a certain number to burn. I find that, on average, I generate about one every ten seconds on single target. This means an average of ten you generate outside of Dark Soul, so being that you need to have three when you go into DS, you're going to have to use seven embers between cooldowns. A big part of playing Destro is not only maxing sure you fit as many Chaos Bolts (or Shadowburns during execute) into Dark Soul as you can, but get the most damage out of those seven you have to burn between Dark Soul.

Think of it like so:

You're DPSing the boss, building embers back up, and you get to 3.5. At this point, you have to use one, simply to not cap. But, right as it casts, your Breath of the Hydra trinket procs, giving you a monster Int bonus, and you're at about 2.8 embers. At this point, look at how long is left on Dark Soul's cooldown. Divide it by ten. Let's say it's got 53 seconds left to go. That means you're going to get five-and-a-partial more embers before Dark Soul, combining with your current 2.8 for about 8 embers. You have to keep three, meaning you have 5 you will have to burn off before DS comes up. So, you want to use the duration of that proc to cast more Chaos Bolts (by the time you get the second cast, you will probably have a third ember you can use). Now, you're at 0 embers, but the 3 you put out were much stronger than if you just kept getting to 3.5 and burning one off until your cooldown comes back up, and you'll still make it to three by DS with two extra to spare. You still want to keep Immo and RoF going during this, so you may not fit that third in during the proc, but you want to burn off extra embers during procs as much as you can while ensuring you go into DS with three.

That said, looking at your gear is also slightly confusing (and hurting you). You're 598 over the hit cap including the expertise enchant to your gloves. That's 598 secondary stat points you're wasting. Then, you're gemming and reforging both haste and crit, which is sort of odd. It doesn't look like you had a real goal in mind doing it. You're not just shy of or just over a haste threshold (you're kind of awkwardly in the middle of nowhere between thresholds). Crit is also not overly strong and important for Destro at the moment, and it's very much a waste for our other two specs. Since you have dual spec Affliction, you'd be much better served redoing your gear for haste and mastery, picking a haste threshold you can reasonably reach and going into mastery after that. The 6637 one is the highest haste threshold you can expect to make without having to do everything into haste while forsaking both Mastery and Crit.

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