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Help and Review with Protection

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Hello I would like some help and feedback with my protection paladin. 

I have returned to the game from Cataclysm and the games changed quite a lot. This is first time playing a paladin, I used to heal with a Shaman and then tank with a Warrior.I have started raiding. For a change I have decided to tank with a Paladin and am thoroughly enjoying it.

I have started raiding and the am not sure how a paladin should perform, I am being told that I am hard to heal and a bit squishy but when I've compared to other paladin tank logs I can't really see the difference. A major comment has been the difference in absorbtion compared to the warrior tank.

I know I need to improve on the use of cooldowns and when to use them but think that is coming.

I have used the guide here as my main source of information and trying to use the rotations in the guide.



Thanks in advance for any help

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You won't really compete much with a Warrior on Absorbs. Ignore Pain will outshine your Bulwark of Order, but that's to be expected because Warriors aren't going to outshine you in the self-healing department. If anyone really gets on you about not absorbing as much, they really don't know what they're talking about. They'll claim that the Warrior is healing a lot because absorbs count as heals, and it's not necessarily wrong, but they're not healing damage so much as preventing it. Where that comes into play is when the healers die and you have to keep yourself alive. You should have an easier time of sustaining yourself through a healer death than a Warrior.

Your damage taken doesn't look out completely ridiculous either. The Warrior is taking more and absorbing more in the Xavius, which is, again, to be expected.

There is no record of you having used Hand/Light of the Protector on Il'gynoth at all which just seems like either you never felt you needed it, or...just didn't use it? You used it in Xavius, so that's a bit baffling.

My experience in tanking with the 6 tank classes is that the Paladin occupies a weird middle ground between something like Warrior and Death Knight. You have lots of CDs and can Block, just like Warriors, but you are also going to be a bit spiky and bouncy in your health pool like a Death Knight, which is where proper use of your CDs and Light of the Protector will be key to your doing well.

One of the best pieces of advice I can give to people tanking is start to look at the boss fights and really examine how your CDs line up with what the boss is doing, as well as what you are doing. These fights tend to have very little variation in them, so week to week you'll start to get more of a feel for when to lean on Shield of the Righteous, when to use Ancient Kings, Ardent Defender, etc etc. This is also applicable to Mythic+ if you do those. Learn what you need to use when. Proper use of CDs can do more for your survival than gear upgrades.


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Thanks TeamC, it's kind of what I thought from looking and comparing the logs, but wasn't certain due to my lack of knowledge on the class.

Cooldowns are definately something i need to improve on.


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