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Can I get some suggestions

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your mastery is far to high. you need to focus your gear to haste to 21% or so then crit/vers depending on sims. 

talent crusade, simple, especially when you get your haste up. 

your trinkets are stat sticks, you want to get an on use trink like Faulty Countermeasure from VotW to use with Crusade/Wings for burst.

Do you have any logs?

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Yea as Antipater said, the 1st step you need to do is hit 20% haste at a minimum.

2nd would be to work on your trinkets. As an example here are my logs from a Heroic Guarm kill


You will notice that brittle and plague swarm make up 8% of my dmg. where as your trinkets would be giving you a max of 1.5% dmg increase.

just remember that an 840 IL faulty countermeasure will give you better dps then a 880 stat trinket.




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