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I am looking for help (DPS Mage Fire)

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Hi there.


I am new in wow so far I could blame my ilvl also gear for dpsing so low, now it not problem at all.


I already thought about to change spec fire to another, but first of all I want to know what I am doing wrong, maybe I will have same problem in another spec.


Log: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/GRJwtBzK4p8fg3LM/

My own link: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/azralon/Bröwnnie/simple

if I missed something tell me I will send.


Thank you all.

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So the first problem I noticed right away was your using combust, then dropping a rune. Rune lasts for 10 seconds, as does Combust, so maximizing the amount of time both are up is crucial. You can cast Combust while casting other spells, so you want have a hot streak ready, start casting Rune, and hit Combust as Rune is about to finish casting and go into it your burst from there alternating as many Pyro/FBs as possible, then PF, then scorch. Your other Combusts didn't even use a Rune, which is a huge dps hit, so much of our damage output is focused into that 10 seconds of Combust, you want that 50% boost. Make sure to always save a Rune for that Combust phase, either by only droppingRunes when you get that second charge back, or by ensuring the charge CD will return at about the same time as Combust coming off CD.


I noticed a few Flamestrikes, which were used on a Xavius fight, which should never have more than a couple of mobs stacked at once. I generally reserve flamestrike for if the group is in dire need of a slow and absolutely nobody else can apply it, or for more than 4-5 mobs stacked. The issue with flamestrike is it doesn't hit nearly hard enough to make breaking up your crit chain worth it. When you cast a fireball with Hot Streak active, then immediately cast the followup pyroblast, if either crit you will recieve the heating up, and if both crit you will recieve a new Hot Streak, flamestrike does not provide this.


There were a few gaps in your damage, including 10 seconds of downtime at the end, and while I wasn't there so I can't say for certain, I know Xavius and there aren't mechanics that would cause that sort of stop. I'm not sure if you just had to move a bunch or found yourself far away form the boss for one reason or another. Regardless you have tools to counter both of these. They come in the form of Shimmer and Icy Floes. And while I see you didn't take Shimmer in favor of cauterize, I highly recommend Shimmer unless your raid is specifically using your Cauterize to cheese a mechanic. Shimmer gives mobility during casts, an extra charge of blink, and will generally save your life on a much more frequent basis than Cauterize. Yes Shimmer requires you to see the danger and react, but after some practice it becomes second nature to just Shimmer away from trouble. Icy Floes provides the same utility as far as maintaining damage output, but isn't so much of a lifesaver. Instead it just allows you to avoid losing out on a cast while moving out of the way of things, or if you get knocked back/up you will not get interrupted.


I'm not sure why I keep seeing this, but you're using Dragons Breath on what looks like cooldown on a largely single target fight. If you don't have the legendary, don't hit that button unless there's a decent number of dudes in front of you, or you're in the last second of a Combust and have absolutely no other buttons that will be able to do damage before it ends.


As for your gear, you seem to be working nicely towards that coveted "All of the crit forever", but your trinkets are a bit lackluster. Keep an eye open for the Su'esh world quest out in Suramar, that Devilsaur Shock Collar is a great trinket for very little work, it beats out a lot of trinkets and automatically rolls at least 845ilvl now. And you were blessed with a Shard of the Exodar, gem and enchant that. That's 350 crit you're just ignoring.

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thank you for your time I will try to dpsing in training dummy then I will post result.


About trinket I got mines in pvp dungeons because I was needed ilvl.



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