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HJinrok 10 issues

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We started heroic modes, even though a bit late and almost downed him, but i still feel that there is room for improvement.

I myself(scoriio) know that I've made a bunch of mistakes(few due to lag towards the last few tries) including forgetting about the debuff, and not pre potting and being in the wrong position due to brez distance which caused me to miss the 2nd pool a few times and messed up my rotation.

Any general tips for the overall raid makeup for Jinrok and other future fights?

Logs are below.



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my group used to suck at the balls, but now we get it in one or two attempts. as far as damage goes, i gave up on prepotting and just put everything into the hero at the first pool.

one thing to watch out for is the focused lightning balls, that go out during the non-storm part of the fight, hurt people they touch, so if youre in the pool and someone gets one and has to run away, you have to make way for the ball or you will eat a lot of damage. the focused lightning also gives a debuff to people as soon as theyre targeted. the Disc can track this and as soon as someone gets it they can get a shield and a Prayer of Mending.

for the first storm i tell people to try to stay in 2 quadrants. its plenty of space and then everyone is in range of the healers. for the second storm halfsies like ele sham or spriest can use damage to healing abilities to ensure more people are alive for the third pool. ele Ancestral Guidance + Ascendance + Spirit Walkers Grace is great for this.

other than those little tips the fight is all about practice and discipline. try not to run so much during storm. split the difference between the circles around you so you have time to react and work your way from mid distance from teh boss to the outer edges of the walls. and make sure melee are aware of late balls the boss obscures.

also, is your ele using healing stream totem? the glyph only affects the single people it heals, and with no bonuses from being resto i doubt the totem is making a significant difference in anything aside from wasting time that could be spent killing the boss.

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The lightning storm phases, coupled with your groups ability to handle ionization, literally make or break the fight. I saw on the last attempt specifically that one of your Pallys was hit pretty hard by the debuff (roughly 23% of his/her total damage taken for the duration of this attempt). Are you guys having trouble communication the procedure for this debuff?

Fortunately for my group, only two of the healers and one dps have to worry about the debuff until the second or third puddle where we have to be very specific about where we position ourselves upon being dispelled. The lightning storm phases were a much bigger issue for us.

As a lock with KJC, you should have very little issue with this phase. My best advice would be to make sure your camera zoom is at max distance (some in our group needed a camera zoom macro for this...) and get a birds eye view of all the points of lightning impact. Make sure to rotate your defensives properly so as to not get caught without one for these phases. I personally play a mage and a priest so I have to be very careful during this area of the encounter whereas you may have a little more breathing room.

As for raid makeup, it shouldn't be too much of an issue. We don't have a lock in our comp and that's the one class we wish we had included on almost every fight. A warrior tank (for rally) and/or shaman healer would certainly help you guys though. Like kitsu said, make sure your shaman makes extensive use of SWG, AG, and Ascendance when needed, even if it means toning the burst down in the first puddle... always better to live and see the next phase. Also, make sure your healers are doing whatever possible to heal during this phase. For example, my priest is disc and I shell prior and PS+PW:S myself in order to make sure I maintain heals on the party.

Other than that I can't really recommend much without hearing what the largest issues are for your group. You will get it; just keep pluggin' away! Good luck buddy! :D

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I looked at one of the late attempts. It's hard to say for sure, since WOL can't track the Fluidity buff, but it seems to me the tanks weren't tanking in the water - that's the first thing I would fix. The extra damage taken from Static Burst will be more than made up for by the healing taken buff and the DPS boost. Your Paladin also had a very low SotR uptime at 23%. I also noticed that your DK is using Conversion, which is really killing his DPS output.

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