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Balance Druid Need Help

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Hi all, let me begin with this: I hate dps. Hate it. However, the guild I'm in had an abundance of healers and asked me to switch. Now, I know that my gear is not itemized properly, but I still feel as though I'm underperforming. (SimCraft tells me I should be doing at least 60k more). Is this simply a case of missing enchants / 1 gem? Or is there something else to it?




I'm using the same rotation outlined in Icy Veins guide


Please let me know!



Ryan (Moof)

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I'm a healer which sometimes switch to dsp, so I feel your pain.

I took a specific fight the heroic kill of odyn.

Here are some leads:

1/ unless you know the fight wont last 3 minutes, use incarnation twice per fight.

2/ you timed correctly the incarnation on the BL in odyn P3, However your dps output is lower than in P1 and P2. That means you sacrificed too much for either survivability or "wtf is going on !". I tend to enter panic mode sometimes. To maximize your dps you must plan everything in advance to minimize movements and downtime, which is challenging on Odyn P3. But they are some tricks, most of them specific to each encounter. General tricks would be : pool 40 AP is case you need to move, refresh your dots during move phases. Ask yourself what is the best position so you don't interfer with other and more importantly other don't interfer with you (tornados). Also know when you can actually take some damage that will neither kill you nor annoy your healers, using def CD in such situations, if it can avoid interrupting a full moon, it may be worth it.

3/ your dps weapon level is also important, along with your legendaries. On the other hand, the int/haste/crit is viable for both spec so gear should be a big issue (beside trinkets).

4/ I ended up last odyn with 260 kdps, you're not that far. Fix your weapon level, trinkets, embrace what you hate, play for the dps metter, try, improve, and you will surely hit those sweet 300 kdps eventually :)

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