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Assa rogue dps struggle

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18 hours ago, Diason said:

Hi, below there's a link to Ursoc HC we did today and I have a feeling I'm kinda underperforming. How do I actually improve? Is it only EP issue or something else?

Bleed uptime isn't too bad, but your opener could use some work. You can use more Energy by holding off on Vend until you use another Mut. Also Kingsbane isn't a  high priority skill at that point, you should be using Mut instead to generate more CP, get your Vanish+Rupture off more quickly, and use Kingsbane once you're ready to stick in a few Envenoms. The bonus chance to apply poisons will give it a lot of damage.

That said, the main issue seems to be EP uptime like you mentioned. Not sure what your Crit chance is, but you can probably push 70% pretty easily, if not a little more

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