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BiS trinket?

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So, I understand Faulty Countermeasure from mythic+ trumps anything from raids. Yet, i was curious about the second trinket. Running AskMrRobot sims, it says that Swarming Plaugehive is BiS otherwise, as once you past 36% haste or crit, both builds tend to do about the same DPS. Plaugehive has 986 haste and a proc that damaging spells cause enemies to take 200k damage or some odd thing. Would it say that because paladin abilities are spells due to requiring mana? Or would judgement be the only thing to proc it?

Also, I'm building for haste as ive had more luck getting haste gear vs crit gear, and currently have the Odyn trinket with haste on it, the Ravaged Seed Pod from Nyth(986 haste and puts fire on ground, does abt 200k damage over 10 secs) and Nature's Call(396 haste/crit/mastery with a proc that gives something like procs for 3k haste, crit, or mastery for 10 seconds). Odyn trinket will have to be used due to 7.1.5(875 vs two 865s) but out of the two, which would be the better bet? I want to say the Seed Pod as its controlled and wont proc during a big movement phase and be wasted, and also gives me 2% haste, but I'm not sure.

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Unstable Arcanocrystal from Withered J'im is very good in all situations.

Terrorbound Nexus from Arcway is very good for AoE (I think it's BiS)

And Eye of Command from the last boss of Karazhan is solid for single target damage (Probably second after Faulty Countermeasure)

The ones you are naming are both not very good in my opinion and the Odyn trinket would probably beat them in all situations even at 865. Ravaged Seed Pot does very low damage in single target and a little higher in AoE, but it won't add up to a bigger part of your damage during a fight. Nature's Call has it's 4 procs, but the stats are split and the procs aren't very reliable, leading to it not being a very good trinket either, but definitely superior to Ravaged Seed Pot in Single target situations. For comparison to Nature's Call has a very similar effect to Memento of Angerboda, but due to Memento's base main stat and generally better procs it is a way better trinket.

TL;DR Odyn trinket is a general boost to damage from all abilities and will come out on top compared to the 2 others

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Best 4 are 

1. Unstable Arcanocrystal

2. Eye of Command

3. Faulty Countermeasure

4. Darkmoon Deck; Dominion

note: if you get a very high stat stick best to sim it against what you have only way that you will know if it sims better

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