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I dont know if it is correct but ive been testing alot of trinkets except Fog. And it feels as if 880 Heightened senses with 865 Thrumming Gossamer is BiS. Why isnt cocoon bis, because it provides very close to same % in flat heal as HS. And u can regen at best 2x free flash heals from simple smiting ontop of the extra damage and passive regen, and u dont get this stun ontop of that. HS with the procc wich have anything from 15-30% uptime. Wich i think depends how much gossamer proccs because it seems one is always 20-30% uptime, and one of them is lower then 20% down to 15% as if 1 trinket proccs more 1 is proccing less if u get me. Coincidence im not sure. And to thrumming gossamer a 865 provides more flat healing and not less mastery heal compared to horn wich is extremely situational trinket, the one i had is 880. So it should be alot more healing from just the intellect alone. And the procc is from 15-30% uptime seems to depend what uptime other trinket is but on avg. both is 20% i guess. What u guys think? Horn could even be considered a mana regen trinket aswell i guess. it does benefint from mastery and is still great where u get to use its full potential.

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