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SimC question - Outlaw Rogue

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Hi there!

I'm new to simcraft and just started to make my own simulations. However, the data I get from my simulation suggest that haste is the best stat for me atm and when I check the outlaw guide here on ICY for stat priority I get a completely different suggestion. So how should I tackle this...use my own data or just stay with ICY-priority?


Thanks in advance!



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Have you gone through the discussion under the Outlaw guide? There is a mention, that stat weights change with ilvl. i.e. when you are low ilvl, haste is the best stat & the higher ilvl you are, the less important it becomes.

My (alt) outlaw is 864ilvl at the moment, but I still prefer to get gear with haste+versa. Maybe when i reach 880+ it will change :)

But anyway, i suggest you to go through the discussion under the guide, maybe you will find better answer there..

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