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The new Lightning Talk focuses on animation. Non Thareechit talks about how animators in the Diablo team work, what their role is and which aspects need to be considered while bringing the game to life. At the end of the video, we'll also get a look at some of the new Necromancer animations.

Diablo III is a fast-paced game. The Diablo III developer team contains from 2 - 4 animators and there is very little room for errors. Non talks about his role in the team and what animations need to be made to make the game look vivid from every angle. We'll see an example of how the TeleportTeleport Animation came into existence. It had 1.5 seconds and was too long and it didn't match one of the core values - responsiveness. It needed to be cut in half and the animators thought that for such a short cast, there would be no need for animations, a simple pose (or a series of poses) would fit better. Responsiveness means everything what happens in the game in between your mouse clicks. The game needs to respond to your clicks and the player needs to feel satisfied. Mobs in the game die within a few seconds. When designing animations for mobs, three core questions are always asked:

  • How will it mob spawn?
  • How will it attack?
  • How will it die?

NPC types are also very important. For swarmers there needs to be more locomotion, for bosses more animations. To save some resources, developers came up with animation re-shuffling, so that different NPCs had the same animations (+/-1), but in random order. Don't forget to check out the end of the video for Necromancer animations!


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