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Best spec to level

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So I've been demo for my lock from 1-105, my dps is stagnant in dungeons, it feels overwhelming looking at theory and thinking about using a new addon just to keep up with my pets/cd's. 


I main a frost dk,  used to be unholy, so i understand how to keep dots up and use my cds,  what I cannot figure out is which way to go to maximize performance in dungeons and pve elements.  


Any suggestions to leveling specs?   I just want to find something before im 110 due to AP.

Also if I stick with demo, is weak auras easy to use and setup? I use like 50 addons already, so is it a memory hog? 



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The best spec to level...doesn't really matter, they are very even. The best spec for dungeons would be destro.

Don't worry about AP, the AK catch up is coming in a couple of weeks and AP won't matter.

WeakAuras can be easy to set up or it can be very difficult, it depends on what you make of it. If you just want to import someone else's code, it is very easy. If you want to hand craft all of your WeakAuras, it can be very difficult.

Unless you're running 4 or less gigs of RAM the memory of addons shouldn't ever be an issue. You also don't need all 50 of those addons for all of your toons, selectively disable/enable them so you have the ones you need on each toon and nothing more.

How much memory WeakAura uses again totally depends on you. At my peak I've used as much as 400mb just on WeakAuras, but I also had over 3,000 individual WeakAuras loaded at the time. Normally I never go above about 6-10mb.

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WeakAura's is super easy to setup when you get use to it, if you're lazy and just want to import and go check out the demo tracking stuff over at wago. https://wago.io/weakauras/classes/warlock/demonology

Varying on how many things you track will vary on how much memory it eats up. Memory usage doesn't effect FPS typically, it's CPU usage. Curse has an addon to display CPU usage if you're curious about that.

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