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Single target havoc problems and some future predictions

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So let's begin with my problems. I am 878 ilvl havoc with 26766 Agility, 50% crit (+860 Eye of Command + Smoldering Harness of the Betrayer), 10% Haste (instead of versa as I need it for Demon Blades to work), 13% mastery and 4% versatility. I have 35 traits. Using Momentum+Demon Blades build, Very often through the fight I find myself out of Fury. Then I keep standing and waiting for my char to melee and he actually does so I know I am in range and autoattack is active (made bunch of /cast skill /startattack macros anyway as the problem kept existing(didn't help)). Then the Fury bar starts rising after a few seconds. I'm often out of Fel Rush cds so I can't help it rise besides I need it for momentum not for fury generation. How do I DPS without Fury? How do I make Demon Blades work?


Second problem is wether to use Eye Beam on single target or not? I know I need to wait if there is to appear any secondary target withing the cooldown time but what about fights like Ursoc Heroic? I'm actually unable to check because my DPS is so random, there is no possibility of comparing the results. I read guides on Icy and it says I should use it when having Anguish but I've seen people doing great DPS and not using it on single target. Also watched some streams from top guilds and no one used it on ST.


Third question is about AskMrRobot. Should I trust the simulations? MrRobot says my DPS should be 345k. And it is but I'm not happy with it, I'm 878 with 35 traits, come on.

Fourth question is connected to third. After changing some trinkets, for more haste instead of mastery, more versa instead of haste etc. MrRobot only shows minor changes to dps, sometimes none. Does it mean all I can do is get more Agility? Or is there anything I can change to do better dps?


The last one is about the changes coming. So... I'm here getting too little Fury trying all I can do to get more. And what does Blizz do? They nerf Demon Blades by 10% chance to proc. Because some guy with legendary ring says he overcaps? I don't know... What is the reason to nerf it? Does Blizzard think everyone has legendary ring? Does DH do too big DPS? Even now the top 100? of logs are priests and some mages. No competition. Why nerf other classes? Like this was not enough, the legendary is getting nerfed in 7.1.5 as well which is what inspired me to write this post. WHY. Why invent such a luck dependant system then nerf the shit out of midtable class? Now leaving rhetorical questions aside, how will we deal with this? I'd love to drop the legendary ring of course but I'm curious if anyone has more... possible-to-go way of doing dps. Or will Havoc become as hated as Vengeance? Another nope spec? Tell me your opinions.


I'm not linking my armory because I logged out in tank gear. I already gave you my stats. I'm not using any legendaries (I believe sephuz doesn't count as I mean useful legendaries(you can't stun the boss)). My second trinket is 870 Nightmare Egg Shell. I also have 870 Egg of Serpentrix but it proved worse.
Here are my logs from last week's Mythic Ursoc. Unfortunately I don't have recent Heroic fight so no pure single target. Anyway that's even more I'm worried about because I only did 350k. I may have been a little clumsy since this was my first Mythic Ursoc. I also know I may have used better talents. They would give me about 10-20k dps more at best I think while the question is shouldn't I do about 50k more and what am I doing wrong beside those talents. Also would Nemesis be better than Momentum here?


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