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Hi all,

I need help with my WW dps. I'm low in dps and i try to figure why. If you can help me i will be happy.

Armory --->ëriya/simple

Logs --->

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Looking at H Nythendra:

  • Serenity > SEF/WDP
  • Chi Wave >>>>> Eye of the Tiger
  • 44% uptime of 8 stack Hit Combo, this is REALLY BAD
  • Lost 2 casts of WDP, 4 casts of RSK, 1 of SotW, 1 of ToD
  • Delayed the second ToD too much, which cost you the 3rd cast.
  • Multiple times you did not get the full effect of FoF (missing hits, either out of range or canceled early)

H Ursoc:

  • 0 uses of Energizing Elixer, so much for that talent
  • Missed 1 cast of FoF, WDP, SotW, 4 casts of RSK

H Dragons:

  • 25% Uptime of 8 Stack HC, Very Bad
  • Again, a lot of missed casts, wasted Chi

The same things repeat themselves throughout the log, poor uptime on Hit Combo and not using your abilities enough/delaying them too much too frequently. >>> Select yourself and the fight you want to look at and this site will do a pretty good overview of how you did.  It doesn't take mechanics into account, so obviously there will be some discrepancies, but it is a good tool nonetheless.

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