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Raid loot distribution

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Can you give me advice on how to react to the way my guild is distributing loot? 

I am raiding mythic (EN 4/7). If I see my raid as a whole, I want to make progress. For me this automatically means that loot should be distributed to gain the best possible outcome of improvement (of each character contributing to raid).

So now if legs with Haste/Mastery are dropping (cloth), shouldnt this automically mean that everyone whose mainstats are tempo/mastery should get the item instead of a firemage whose mainstats are crit/mastery? 

edit: assuming everyone has same ilvl before drop on legs

Like I don't understand the system behind that. I don't get my item, next time a crit/mastery item drops, I won't roll for it, but the mage will roll again?


Can someone tell me how higher tier progress guilds are handling this issue? What is there way of distributing loot? I don't mind not getting a item two raids in a row, but if something is BiS for my class/specc I don't want to lose the item to those who have other mainstats. That just doesnt make sense to me.


Sincere regards

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I see you are angry about some issue that you feel happening in loot distribution. Unfortunately, it's impossible to tell what exactly is wrong (or right) in your raid without being there or hearing from other parts involved but I'll try to answer in general.

I'm 7/7M and we are using council loot distribution and addon where you mark the roll with "Major Upgrade"/"Minor Upgrade"/"Offspec"/"Pass". After the rolls are done, our officer team decides where the items go.

I believe that most of M progress teams use council loot to reduce random loot distribution to minimum.

This was the 'technical' part. 

But not the less important part you should consider, is 'human' part:

- Many times items will go first to more reliable players - those who attend all the progress raids, those who don't cause drama (especially loot drama), those who wouldn't rage /gquit when they don't like something, those who are not tired from raiding after a couple of months and thus come and go all the time. 

- Some guilds do have a leadership problem - loot is not distributed 'fair'. If you clearly see this or feel like this (it may be just your feeling but still doesn't make the game fun to play), maybe you should look for a more comfortable place to move.

- Some players always think that they are not receiving enough, I can see it when reading applications with a lot of guild jumping and "I left because they..."

I'm not saying that anything of above is true about you and your raid - I don't have a clue about the situation, so I give all the possibilities that may be taking into consideration except of the 'technical' ilvl and stats part.

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We use RCLootCouncil and base decisions off of...

- Biggest Upgrade
- is it their BiS?
- Attendance/Performance

Ultimately we will give the piece of loot to whoever we feel is going to help our progression the most.

Loot is for the benefit of the guild, not the benefit of the player.

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