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Crusader Build Help

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I am looking to create a build based on Phalanx since I recently got a few legendaries that boost it quite a bit.(sorry I forget the names I am at work, but one is a shield that makes it summon twice as many, and one buffs the damage/cooldown by 50%) these items took me up quite a few Torment Levels right away so I am looking for ideas to keep building on it.  I don't need to be GR80+ crazy speed run monster or anything, just fun and better than where I am now, which is GR25ish comfortably.

My only requirement is I would really like to use Falling Sword Rise Brothers as well and be a sort of Army of Crusaders.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Funny, I've had the same idea with the Phalanx army since i got those Items a little while ago and was just working on the build last night. I don't have everything I want for it but I have the concept and it's mostly finished, cleared GR 45 last night with no deaths.

Gear: 6 Piece Akkhan's set, Hellfire Amulet (mine has Heavenly Strength), Focus and Restraint rings, any belt that works for you, Nemesis Bracers. Unrelenting Phalanx is the shield you mentioned, use that with Akkhan's Addendum/Baleful Remnant (cube one, use the other). For armor cube the Warhelm of Kassar (the 50% duration and cooldown item you mentioned, it's a helm), and for jewelry cube the Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac.


1 Generator, and 1 Spender, I went with Punish and Shield Bash, for the purpose of this build it's just personal preference.

Falling Sword (Rise Brothers), Phalanx (Bowmen), and Akarat's Champion (Hasty). Your last skill is personal preference as well, I'm using Laws of Valor for attack speed, but it's squishy as hell compared to my Thorns Crusader, so Iron Skin or one of the defensive Laws may be preferred.

Passives: I was running Righteousness, Fanaticism, Holy Cause, and Finery.

Have a socket on your weapon and shield, Diamond in the Helmet, rubies in the chest, diamonds or amethysts in the pants, emerald in the weapon, diamond or amethyst in shield. Bane of the stricken, Bane of the Trapped, and Mirinae are the gems I used.

Focus on Cooldown Reduction, crit chance and damage, strength, resist all, and vitality where you can get it on your gear. I went for holy runes on Punish and Shield Bash to benefit Holy Cause and some Holy damage I already had on my amulet and bracers.

The idea is 100% uptime on Akarat's Champion and constant casting of your falling sword and phalanx, basically only using your generator and spender for the focus and restraint bonus and wrath generation, not to stand in a group for prolonged times. Like I said it was squishy, but if you have your damage buffs up with Akarat's Champion, the Phalanx Bowmen deal a ton of damage. With Baleful Remnant enemies you kill will also spawn Avatars of the Order for 10 seconds. Keep moving and spawn your army as often as you can and make sure Akarat's Champion is always up!

Like I said, my setup isn't that tanky but you can replace passives or gems as needed to fill your needs. I don't intend to push any insane difficulties but it is a fun set up and so far I've gotten to gr45 without dying and I don't have everything set up perfectly yet.

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