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Repairing during Green fire quest

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how come i cant repair during the green fire quest, if i hearth out and leave, i cant tele in.

if i hearth, fly back and click on the mark, it just hangs forever

if i hearth, fly back, leave instance, click on the mark, i start the beginning again..

what is going on here.

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Hello you should be able to repair inside quest area at the stairs. Doing the usual stuff , run a repair, delete WTF folder and so forth if that doesnt help contact a GM and hey Good luck becoming a Fel lock Posted Image

PS ! when u want to get back in remove any ongoing event on ur char it will restart it whe u want to zone in again.

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What if i need to like leave the instance, how can I leave go do other things and come back to the boss? can you do that or do you need to re run the whole thing again?

Edit: Imps just arnt responding, i breathe on them and they do nothing, same with my buffs they arnt being removed.

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Whenever I left and came back it would put me back at the final stage for fighting Kanrethad.

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You shouldn't have to zone out to repair at all. When you get to the final stage, it should always start you back there, and there is a small anvil at the bottom of the stairs where you'll zone in.


Spent a lot at that anvil.

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