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Holy Paladin Healing

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Hey guys, just needed some insight from someone with experience. I feel my healing is a bit lack luster compared to what it should be. If someone could take a gander at these logs and maybe give me some criticism it would be greatly appreciated. I feel like I need to work on rotation he most.





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I took a quick look (bear in mind I'm not the best holy paladin out there) but it seems to me you are really not spending your mana enough e.g. not casting enough spells and not using your downtime if there is any periods with no healing to deal damage to adds/bosses. Would be a good place to start looking into improving yourself. Generally I tend to be at 0% on progression bosses when they reach about 5-10% and then I mana pot to have mana for the last push (ofcourse this can be improved upon aswell).

Remember that holy light should almost always be casted during periods of low incoming damage. Also remember to apply Bestow Faith almost on CD to tanks (something I struggle to remember all the time, weakauras are great to help tell you when it's ready).

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