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BM Stat priority on 7.1.5

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Hey guys, all fine?

I'm coming back this last 10 days to Legion (just played few weeks in the beggining and had to stop due university + work) but now I want to play again. I'm enjoying play as BM Hunter and heard that they will be buffed next patch. With this Hunter I'll be most of the time playing PvE (not hardcore raid, just some friends trying to beat heroic and mythic later on).


Anyway, I'm still ilvl 825 (and about to unlock my third relic) and was wondering what is going to be BM Hunter stat priority on 7.1.5, it will be the same as now?

  1. Agility;
  2. Mastery;
  3. Haste;
  4. Critical Strike;
  5. Versatility.

Or anything will change? Also can you guys suggest me a site/addon/software that I can sim my character and check for the best upgrades? (should I use Pawn as suggested in the Icy-veins guide?)


Thank you very much and a happy new year!

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Hey mate, 

Glad to see you're joining the cool hunter group ;)

From my understanding, yes, mastery will still be top dog, but by how much I am not entirely sure. It would make sense that haste is still higher than crit at this stage but dependent on how blizzard finalises our tier set bonuses might change that around a little bit.

And yes, Pawn is a fantastic addon, especially with Azor's string. It wouldn't be suggested here if it wasn't; so as soon as you can go and download it and import Azor's string!

You can always try simulationcraft and askmrrobot as valuable tools too. All three are great things to help you better your character.

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