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Fire mage dps help (logs & armory included)

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Hey all!

I am new to the forum, and relatively new to the Mage class in general. I have played WoW on and off for 7 years, but Legion is my first go at mage, and so far, I'm enjoying it. With that being said, I feel like I'm missing something.

I have checked out my logs, and have compared them to similar Fire mages based on ilvl on Warcraft Logs, and it seems like I could be doing much more DPS.

The big one that sticks out to me, is that on my logs, my "Controlled Burn" may be 4/4, while on similar logs (Guarm) I'm seeing Mages get 15/15, or even higher. To be honest, I'm not sure if that's RNG based or what... 

Also it seems that most of the top dps %ilvl wise have the legendary bracers, which I haven't been lucky enough to get, yet.

Like I said, I have only been playing mage for about 3 months so some of this stuff is completely new to me. Can anyone look at my logs and armory and give some tips/advice? Logs & armory attached...







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