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Hi guys,

My guild asked me a few weeks ago to switch to ele shaman as we were too heavy on melee (was playing DH before). I've been struggling to learn proper positioning and minimizing my movement, but either I'm failing miserably at it, or there is some other problem I'm running into. So I'm hoping to get some pointers from those who are more experienced than I am.

My armory:

My logs:

Also, most recent log uploaded:

I'm trying to follow the Elemental rotation given here on icy-veins.

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Looking at Elerenthe:

- There were a lot of Lava Surge procs, where you used Lightning Bolt first instead of Lava Burst. Reacting promptly to the procs is important.

- On fights with frequent add spawns - there are a lot of them on Mythic - save your artifact weapon cooldown to use with Chain Lighting on the adds. Folks don't bring Ele for single target damage - there are many better classes for doing sustained boss damage. You are there for utility abilities and burst AOE.

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