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fire mage dps hekp

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Hi, I disliked doing dungeons because I solo a lot. Allthough I like Ashran and AV.

So I did a dungeon and someone asked me why I did so low damage as a mage.

I have a fire mage lvl 110, item level 823, crit 51%, int 24,661. So I downloaded the "recount" addon.

And I found out I did half the damage or a third of the damage of the others. One of them who did three times

as much, had item level 786. Dont ask me their classes or names. The fact is that a cloth waring class should do lots more damage ?

Sorry I have no numbers or links to prove it. I think the others on the forum have questions about their DPS as well.



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Oh to add my character. I play Anaisanais on the EU Wildhammer server. I am aware of rotation and tweaks.

But lets be honest.. 2 or 3 times more damage ? Someone said fire mage is "MEH". I read that fire mage was the spec to follow. So I got rid of my frost mage and started my artifact all over again. I followed the advice given on the internet pages which path to follow. I have the best line(s) on my artifact going. I have honor points that are okay on this char. But not the level 4 prestige that I have on my other "main". I try to be a serious player.

Sorry if I sound like wining. But it buggs me :-) I cannot get over the fact that any other class can do lots more damage with crappy armor. Dont ask me what dungeon. Dont ask me what my rotation is. All mages know how they hit hard and how to continue to do so until a mob dies. Is this what people are talking about when they mention class balance ? Should I do more dungeons with my 823 items and my crit and int ? I should blast..but I can't.

Sorry for this post. Remove it if you want. If anyone recognizes this. Please help to get mages up to the level they need. Give mages the power they need to compensate for their cloth defenses.

And if I am not right.....delete this post please !!!!


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