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Seeking help from the Vets

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Hello, I posted this awhile back with things I could possibly do, and or change. After a server transfer and constantly able to raid Mythic content, I'm back to this drawing board to see what I can do to crank out more healing, and make my healing more effective during raids.


Here are the logs from out raid last night.



You can choose to pick 1 fight or pick any fights, truly up to you. Now I will add trinket wise, I enjoy my choice, but if you believe any other 880 trinkets would be superior please let me know. I have just about every trinket out there for Resto at 875+

Why I concern myself with this matter is I feel like I still am not efficient enough with my heals, or my heals are lacking. Now we do run healer heavy because for us, this is progression and we are trying to crank it out before Nighthold, hopefully be 7/7 Tonight or Friday, but I still want advice on gear, stat priority, and other things I could possibly change.


Also note, I would like input about this "Crit" healing build I see here and there.


Thank you

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first think I want to say, you are hugely overhealing the fights. 5 healers on Nythendra, 6 healers on Il'gynoth, 5 healers on Cenarius while 3 tanking is way too many. You should really look into your raid comp if you want to enjoy actual healing rather than throwing occasional HoTs here and there and trying to squeeze your Tranq between 2 Healing Tides, Hymn and another Tranq.

In addition the fights will be shorted with more dps - now they are way longer than a 'standard' which makes more room for mistakes, occasional deaths and going OoM for healers. Though it's not my business so you can ignore this part.

You have literally nothing to heal which bring with it very bad habits of barely using and tracking CDs and mana inefficient healing. It's not your fault at all but you should be aware to what's going on in your raid.

What I should advice though is to cast more Rejuws and less WG. You have a Rejuw legendary but your Rejuw casts are somehow low even not taking the Legendary on account.

I can imagine that most of people are topped before you have a chance to cast and this is exactly what I was talking about - too many healers > bad healing habits.

You should definitely change the Cocoon trinket to something else, whatever else with secondary stats even if it's lower ilvl. This trinket is plain bad and I can't imagine you going OoM 3 times in a fight with your amount of healers, so it's useless in all means.


Hope it helps somehow, if you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

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