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(Before I start, sorry for my English, it may be not that good because I'm not a native speaker)

So, I bought Diablo long ago, something like 3-4 months after its release and played it for a couple of hours. I like it, but it never was my top priority game and through 3-4 years of my D3 experience I have near 50 hours of gameplay which is pretty small obviously. 
Though, I have every character level 70 in softcore (Just not sure I can play in season because of my ability to stop playing after some hours).
So, the main thing for this topic is:
I want to play the game, but its too complicated for me. When it was 2013, it was okay for me, and auction was my favorite place because I could've bought any items I needed. As for now, I have all classes up to 70, but none of my characters is good equiped (hunter in half-set items. half legendary trash, aswell as mage and barbarian, and naked crusader, aswell as WD and monk). 
I dont even know what is Kanai's cube and how it works, where to get pet (when did they appear in the game? lol) and e.t.c 
For example, I want to play WD, what should I start with? I have a character, but its naked and e.t.c, though I'm not that hopeless so I can use guides in order to get itembuilds aswell as skill build,
I understand that this could be pretty long to explain, but maybe there are some videos for such a newbies as I am, or guides, I get that it is all avaiable on google search, but information is too far from beeing structured and it is pretty damn hard to understand, so I hope anyone can give me some advice or information source for my search.

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I have a couple good videos for you to watch but they are bookmarked on my labtop so i will have to post them when I am home from work.


For builds, there are many good guides on this website. Go here and just go to your class. 

For gear, the best thing to do is craft starter gear at the blacksmith. then do bounties and rifts to start getting some quick upgrades.


  I also recommend maybe starting a seasonal character, you have to start over, but you arent far anyway. you can join a powerleveling community and ask in the chat for a powerlevel and you should be 70 in 10-30 mins. just go to communities, its in the social tab with clans, and search powerleveling. onc you are 70, complete the sets of season achivements you see on the main character login screen and you will get a set of awesome starter gear. you can only do this once per season in each mode (ex softcore, hardcore,).  

the cube is hard t explain ill post a video later for that

for pets, most drop off the pet goblin. some are seasonal rewards. the butcher pet is easy to get, just start a new character and complete the diablo anniversary event. 

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here is a good guide for beginners and goes over gearing up and the cube and everything else you need to know. its 2 parts and long but useful and he is somewhat entertaining. it doesnt have everything, but with the builds i linked above, it is everything you need to know to get started and progress from fresh 70 to mid level play

part 1 - starts off as a VERY basic gear guide, going over such things as crafting

part 2 - more advanced gearing methods such as the cube, legendary gems, upgrading gear, etc


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