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Horde Event lead by Zagam and Reniat sign-up found here: http://openraid.us/events/view/116452

Alliance Event lead by Slootbag sign-up found here: http://openraid.us/events/view/116462

Bring your mains because this one is going to be epic as all hell. We are racing through all of T14 normals. The timer will start when we pull Stone Guard and end when loot drops off of Sha. Who will reign supreme in this race? Will it be the Alliance or the Horde? Don't just make a decision...be a part of the decision! SIGN UP!

Also, for those who don't get in or would rather watch, this event will be streamed live from both PoVs.

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Ending uneditted screenshot for Horde.  Editted/prettied version coming soon!

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