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DPS Differance in Talent choices

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So i have seen that there is an Easy Mode section of the feral druid guide. my question is what is the DPS loss between the 2 specs?

how much dps am i missing out on by selecting the easy mode talents? There are times where i am not consistent with my dps but,  when i am in  easy mode i am more fluid with my rotations and able to focus on things like positioning and mechanics. so its a more steady dps, where as when i am taking the more advance talents and i miss a proc because i am running around would it be better to just easy mode it or just get better are the advanced talent choices, i am asking this because if its only a few thousand damage difference  id prefer the easy mode. what do you guys say?

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Easy mode is great because it let you focus on things that matters (strat). On the other hand, the easy mode is still interesting as it is not *that* easy you still need to manage resource ad combo points.

If you enjoy this mode and dislike the other (like I do) I suggest you stick with it.

Regarding the DPS cost, assuming you would perfectly execute the hard mode, the best thing to do is to use simucraft, one simu with the easy talents, another with the hard talents. If you do do not hesitate to share the results :o)


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