Soft Haste Cap For Destro Warlocks?

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Hello All!


So I was wondering, is there a soft Haste Cap for Destro Warlock?


Here is my current character. Click Here



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There are certain thresholds of Haste that will impact your casting speed such as Bloodlust, Whispers in the Dark trinket, and your 2pc bonus on Chaos Bolt.  Technically, there are no "caps", but you can get to a point where you are casting faster than the GCD under certain effects that diminish the effect of Haste.  

There's no real need to go above 40% Haste as Destruction - you don't need to get to 40% - a good range is 32-36%.  40% will come with optimized gear and a few sockets.  

Being below the GCD on cast times during Bloodlust is less than ideal, but the percentage of time you spend under Bloodlust on a typical progression fight of say 5 minutes in length is around 12-15%, so for the other 85-88% of the fight, you don't have GCD caps to worry about.  

With Whispers in the Dark, you'll be facing some unique situations that require math calculations based on your individual haste values.

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