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MW : Haste breakpoint + spirit calculation

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I have a question for you guys, and some calculations to share.

First of all, here is a link to my character : http://www.askmrrobo...eu/ysondre/inhô

1) : I managed to reach the forth haste breakpoint for ReM (9158 in tiger stance), but with

- 8.6k spi (No LMG nor HLG)

- 20.5k int

- 16.5% crit

I haven't got the chance to try out this new haste breakpoint in raid so far : do you think it is worth it, or should I regem/reforge to crit int and go down to 6141 haste breakpoint ?

2) : Calculation of some kind of "spirit breakpoint" !

I know there is no such thing as a breakpoint for spirit. And we will assume no LMG/HLG/regen trinket and whatsoever that can give mana back out of spirit.

To generate Chi in a fast way, some of us use Soothing Mist in channeling, some others spam it (the first tick being instant). This give 30% of a Chi generation on each GCD. Knowing that the initial mana cost of Soothing Mist (the cost of this first tick we are going to spam) is 3k mana, how much spirit will I need to be able to spam it without loosing mana ? What is the value of spirit that will "cover" this spamming cost ?

Let's call H our haste value (in %). The GCD formula will be :

GCD = 1.5 / (1+H)

Based on information found on the net (<= if someone could check it, would be lovely !), it seems that :

1 Spi = 0.56435 MP5 in combat. And we have a 2% mana regen baseline.

So total formula for MP5 calculation is :

MP5 (combat) = 6000 + 0.56435*Spi. And let's call n the number of Soothing Mist ticks you want to get during 5 seconds (being from 1 with 0% haste and 5 if GCD capped).

=> n*3000 < 6000 + 0.56435*Spi

Leads to the following results :

Spi > 5315.85*n - 10631.7

n = 5/GCD = 5/(1.5/(1+H)) = 3.33(1+H)

Therefore, to be able to spam Soothing Mist without loosing mana, and with no LMG or trinket helping with the mana regen, you have to obtain :

Spi > 5315.85*3.33*(1+H) - 10631.7

Spi > 17701.78*H + 7070.08

So, for the common haste values (breakpoints) :

ReM +1 (5.57%): 8'056

ReM +2 (16.65%): 10'017

ReM +3 (27.76%): 11'984

ReM +4 (38.94%): 13'963

Hope this might help.

A question arises for me here : higher hps if I stay with the ReM+4 or if I go down to ReM+3 and reach 12k spi (to spam soothing mist, generate mass chi, and burst heal like a crazy monkey) ?

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Very nice calculation!

I don't play a Monk, but I'd suggest that whether the ReM4 or ReM3 breakpoint is best would depend upon your current progress fight and healing team.

  • First, if your healing team has a Shaman then you're less likely to care about the mana - ReM4 is more attractive.
  • Second, if the fight you're progressing on is very bursty (e.g. Megaera) then you'll prefer a bursty style from ReM3
  • Finally, I'd say that you can always "spam more slowly" if you need to.
Good luck!

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I'm no theorycrafter, so I cant help you with your math, but here is what I say from experience. (Mr. Robot Profile)

The 9k haste breakpoint is only worth it if you are running heroic progression, probably with a 530~ ilvl. If you can reach the breakpoint while only using 1-2 haste gems with Mr. Robot, then it is probably worth going for it. I would of course recommend using the above weights (with the 6141 breakpoint).

secondly, looking at the amount of spirit you would need to spam soothing mists, IMO is not worth it to reach any of those "spirit breakpoints". You would have to sacrifice a lot of crit just to reach that which will hinder your output and have you generate less mana tea stacks. Your math looks great, but I don't think it would be practical because with proper usage of mana tea usage (and LMG/HLG) you should be pretty decent on mana.

Lastly: Here is a mistweaver spreadsheet you may enjoy: Reglitch's Mistweaver Spreadsheet

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