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unable to push 300k

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So i'm 877 ilvl 


Base stats:

37% Crit

21% Haste

34% Mastary

1% Ver


http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/Frostmourne/Alisstra/advanced <- link to Armory.


Mythic Tov log  https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/4dGmpPfCgakYJTNv


Any advice would be great as i am hitting the high 260k+ ish but cannot seem to push past tht to 300k... and as my guild is really focusing on mythic content I'm sort of being left behind.


Any input would be great 

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Added logs

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Looking on the armory at your stats, you need more haste. You should be aiming to have about 9.5k Haste. You could change your gems and enchants to haste, but don't do that now, wait until after the patch on tuesday to see what will be or new stats weight.

Now about your performance on the logs.

1) Dot uptime. You need to work on your dot uptime, it need to be closer to 100%. Use something like weakauras to track it.

2) Mind Blast casts. You need to cast it more. You need to push that button on cd. Again use something like weakauras to track its cooldown.

3) Voidform uptime. You need to work on your viodform rotation. This is going to corret it self by working on the 2 first points. So work on the first two points and if you still going out voidform with 19 - 20 stacks we see what could be another problem.

4) Delay to enter Voidform. I saw you wait for to long at 100 insanity before enter in voidform. I need to enter as soon as possible, so reach 100 insanity, make sure your dots are with 7 seconds or more (so they don't fall off before your first void tbolt), then enter the voidform.

5) Power Infusion. You are not using it. You should have it for surrender, but on a 10 minutes fight you can use it two or three times before. Watch this video to work on your opening (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3ukYq-SmFQ)

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